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About Varied / Hobbyist Rachel Maree HannemannFemale/Australia Groups :iconbvb-him-fc: BVB-HIM-FC
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"When we're not performing, we're all chimney sweepers"
-Andy, Ashley, CC, Jake, Jinxx

"Rock n roll isn't meant to be taken so seriously, I think sometimes people forget it's meant to be fun. A rock show is meant to be a time for people to have fun and let go of the drudgeries of life....”
- Andy Biersack

"We'd like to be welcomed with open arms and open legs" ~ Andy Biersack ([link])

"What if I went to Hogwarts?! What would I do there?!?! I don't give a shit... The people that go to Hogwarts in a fictional tail go there, I don't even know! I don't need to wear a fucking robe! I wear enough shit, okay!? I don't need to add more!" ~ Andy Biersack

"Make that into a shirt, America. My face- All the hate goes into my dick." ~ Andy Biersack

"Live your life, listen to your music way too loud, be as crazy and as "different" as you want to be, and always remember that you're not alone." ~ Andy Biersack

"I am a member of the lollipop guild." ~ Andy Biersack

"Money can't buy happiness but it CAN buy bacon, and that's basically the same thing." - Andy Biersack

"It's not rape if you yell surprise.." - Andy Biersack

"If you create something, don't be afraid to show the world. No one can tell you something is bad when you believe in it to your core." - Andy Biersack

"Rock and roll is about having a good time, so no matter where you are right now blast some music and forget about lifes problems." ~ Andy Biersack

"Being unique is whats cool, man. Being normal, whats that? Thats a setting on a washing machine, no one wants to be that" ~Ashley Purdy

"Yeah Jake and Jinxx play guitars, Andy sings, I run around topless and play for the ladies."
- Ashley Purdy

"If you don't love music somethings wrong with your face!" ~Christian Coma(CC)

"Just bought a Happy Meal and got sprayed with a hose by our bus driver." ~ Christian Coma(CC)

"If I ever get married and have kids, I want them all to be wierdo's ha ha!" ~ Christian Coma (CC)

"For everyone that calls us 'fagots' for wearing make-up, fuck you! Because we fuck ten times more chicks in a week than you! BOOM!" ~ Christian Coma (CC)

"I had Beer for breakfast!" ~ Christian Coma (CC)

"If you look hard enough for something, you'll probably find it even if it's not really there..." ~ Jinxx

"gits and shiggles..." - Jinxx

"No matter how much you've worked so hard to be
as successful as you are, there will always be those
ignorant haters who don't understand." ~ Jinxx

"YESSS! you got a fuckin dart in your neck" - Jake Pitts

"I'm a Banana, now peel the banana, now GO BANANAS EEEEGGGGGAHAHAEGEGEGEGEGEGE" - Jake Pitts

Copied from :iconunderabigailsrose:'s profile


Name: Raven Nite

Family: None, they hate her and she hates them. If any of them call she always declines them not wanting anything to do with them.

Religion: Pagan

Age: 19

Birthday: December 31st of 1992



Types of clothing: Her type of clothing mainly contains that of corset tops and pants along with spiked collars and fingerless gloves, majority of the clothes are black but will sometimes wear purple or sky blue. The only time she'd wear dresses or skirts if she needed them for some reason that would be in her mind but never speak out loud.

Stereotypical classification: Scene/Goth

Personality: She's most of the time like an emotional vaccum


Journal History




Story Updates

Journal Entry: Thu May 30, 2013, 11:40 PM
I know I haven't been on here as much as I should or posting, I think you guys deserve to know the reasons, as alot of you are avid readers of my fanfictions.

Reason 1:
As of late, I've been doing a Diploma of Hospitality and have been up to my neck in assignments which have now been swept away to a manageable level so far.

Reason 2:
I forgot completely about this site lately because of the assignments and I hope you'll all forgive me as I feel really bad for just dropping the stories that you all enjoyed for a while.

Reason 3:
My cosplaying life..
bad reason, yes I know but it takes away some of the emotional and mental stress I've been having for a while and helps me get back into my creative side of life and things, therefore helping me to get back into the spirit of writing.

Reason 4:
My college I'm studying at is closing down so I've been doing paperwork and stuff to get everything sorted to transfer into another college to study my Diploma of Hospitality.

So yeah, as you can tell my life has been nothing but hectic and I've only just recently gotten back into my normal routine and for all my avid readers, the newest chapter of "Who Are You" shall soon be out. I'm terribly sorry for pushing this one to the side so much but things shall get back to being normal and things shall get interesting. I also have a bunch of cosplay photos to post up on here.

So in Summary,

Updates to be released soon;
-Who Are You?
-Bloody Rose of the Winter
-My Immortal

Photos to be posted soon;
-Ciel Phantomhive
-Yuuki Kuran (Vampire Knight without Artemis... sadly)
-Yuuki Cross
-Sebastian Michaelis
-Amu Hinamori (from Shugo Chara)
-My Vocaloid OC

If you ahve managed to read this and get the way down to the bottom here....
Once again I am terribly sorry for not being able to be on here and I hope you find it in your heart to forgive someone like me. But, I promise to be more active on here and post lotsa updates soon.


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Vampire-Kitty333's Profile Picture
Rachel Maree Hannemann
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm a gothic type girl though I may not actually look like it. I usually watch Vampire Knight, Bleach, Souleater, Inuyasha, .Hack, and many other animes. I'm 16 years old and for thoughs of you who know me may call me Rachel, that's my real name anyway. I'm a very quiet girl and I usually don't say much, but once tou get to know me I'm fun to hang around with.

:bulletred: REAL BVB fans- know what BVB stands for
:bulletblack: REAL BVB fans- don’t like the band just because of Andy [DON'T SWEAR ]
:bulletred: REAL BVB fans- know who the only original member of the band are
:bulletblack: REAL BVB fans- know more songs than knives and pens
:bulletred: REAL BVB fans- think Chance and Andy never gets old
:bulletblack: REAL BVB fans- know every band members name and what they do
:bulletred: REAL BVB fans- know that Ashley Purdy is a GUY
:bulletblack: REAL BVB fans- have made “never give in” their motto
:bulletred: REAL BVB fans- know who smokes in the band, and who doesn’t
:bulletblack: REAL BVB fans- have worn their makeup like Andy’s on a normal day
:bulletred: REAL BVB fans- would vote for lightning thunderstein if he ran for president
:bulletblack: REAL BVB fans- know that it is Biersack, not Sixx, six or 6
:bulletred: REAL BVB fans- have this on their page

Stories I am currently working on:
:bulletpurple: Saviour
:bulletblue: Don't Jump
:bulletpurple: My Immortal
:bulletblue: My Bleeding Heart

Buddy Stories:
* Believe
* Fallen
* Fallen Angels
* The Real Morticians Daughter
:bulletred: Insanity Fucked Me


Favourite genre of music: Metal, Hardcore, Post Hardcore, Death Metal
Favourite style of art: Anime or Real Life
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: that would depend
Shell of choice: not sure really
Wallpaper of choice: Black veil brides definately
Personal Quote: "Make that into a shirt, America. My face- All the hate goes into my dick."


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If you are interessted feel free to check out my Facebook page for more cosplay pics and updates!

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